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How to prepare wood for painting
Published by Anna in Decorative painting • 24.06.2011 5:30:16
It's extremely important to prepare the wood before painting a basecoat.
If a wooden surface has holes or marks begin by filling them with wood putty following by manufacturer's instructions. When the putty is dry, sand the surface smooth and wipe it with a tack rag.
There are different types of wood which are used for painting but all of them absorb a paint very well. That's why before applying the basecoat I usually seal all wood with wood sealer . When it dries, sand and wipe it with a tack rag.
I also use the mixture of Carpenter's glue and water 50%x50%. as a wood sealer.

How are you talented?
Published by Anna in General • 24.06.2011 4:05:37
When I look at someone's art or craft and I like it, I always ask myself How did he/she make it? It must be extremely hard and it requires a lot of practice. No, I will never be able to create such amazing things, it's not for me.
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